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MDS Coordinator Training

New MDS Coordinator Training

Enroll in our 12-week training program for MDS Coordinators without prior MDS experience. Gain essential competencies with passing score assessments and receive follow-up sessions to address any deficient area. Your journey to MDS expertise starts here.

Topics Covered

RAI Manual

MDS Scheduling

Quality Metrics & 5-Star

MDS Coding

State Specific Payment Models

Reimbursement Optimization Items

Care Area Assessments And Interviews

At the conclusion of the training, we will audit and educate in real time with the new MDS Coordinator.

Experienced MDS Coordinator Training

Join our comprehensive refresher training for experienced MDS Coordinators. Whether new to your facility €F identifying areas for additional training, our program includes a thorough audit for MDS accuracy and uncovering reimbursement opportunities. The MDS Solutions team collaborates with your leadership to create a personalized training plan, ensuring your MDS team is well-prepared for your facility’s unique needs. Elevate your MDS expertise with us.

Audits Conducted

MDS Accuracy


Regulatory Compliance

Quality Measures

Medicare Compliance

Education Programs Available

MDS Coding Concepts

Care Area Assessments (CAAs) and Care Planning

MDS Interview Techniques

Medicare Reimbursement Strategies

Medicaid or Case Mix Reimbursement Strategies

Quality Measure and Five Star Report Management

Custom solutions

Proven Results