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MDS Staffing: MDS Completion and Coordination

MDS staffing struggles? We can help. We can step in remotely for facilities anywhere in the country….

MDS Consulting Services: Reimbursement Optimization and Training

MDS coding and capturing accurately documented care is critical to your success. Let us assist you in…

MDS Management Services: Consulting and Coordination

Our RAC-CT certified MDS team will review the key components below to assist your facility in…

What do we do?

MDS Solutions and our RAC-CT certified MDS experts can assist in your MDS completion, capturing accurate quality care, educating your teams around regulatory changes, and optimizing clinical reimbursement.
We are able to step in and provide assistance for both short-term and long-term coverage.
We work with teams to optimize reimbursement for Medicare, Managed Care, and State Case Mix.
We care about your quality, 5-Star ratings, state and federal reimbursement, and maintaining the highest level of compliance.
We are experts in MDS reimbursement and help our clients achieve overall clinical and operational success.

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